Packing and Unpacking Services in Dubai

Proper packing is an essential part of your relocation process. Our years of experience at NR Movers & Packers, Dubai have made us understand this fact better, and so we use materials such as padding and wrapping sheet in our effort to ensuring that your belongings are secured during packing, and on arrival at your new apartment, we careful unpack them to ensure their safety.

We offer our clients differs class of packing services according to their specific relocation demands. For instance, you may want us to move your delicate and fragile items while you pack your regular domestic possessions by yourself.

One thing to always have in mind when packing is that, items should be sorted based on their fragility – organization is very vital when packing. Delicate kinds of stuff should be well wrapped and put in appropriate boxes. Bubble wraps should be used for items which are extremely fragile.

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